Why Buying Expensive Shoes Are Proven Worth It

Did you know the most expensive shoes in the world are the Harry Winston Ruby Slippers? They were made to copy the ruby slippers in the movie and books of “Dorothy of Wizard of Oz”. The shoes were made out of 4,600 ruby pieces.  They cost $3 million!

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But of course, any average Joe should know that to buy the best shoes for standing all day would cost him or her high expense. He may not need thousands of rubies to get good quality shoes but he needs big cash. He should know that some of the most expensive brands of shoes would cost at least $600. Is the cost worth it? The answer is YES.

Boosting Up Confidence

A customer who wants look good on a date or impressive at work, would need expensive shoes.

A beautiful pair of metallic Gucci crossover sandals would be a “must have” for any woman because they would be comfortable, made to last long, and promote more work to be done in style. The thing is it would cost $595 in a bank account for one pair.

A pair of Alexandar Mc Queen Shoes to show power and catch attention would cost around $800 for men. But it is worth every penny to look good in selling pitches to a boss or making deals with business partners.

If a person wants to build up confidence, investing in expensive shoes would be helpful and worthwhile.

Showing Off the Creative Side

Another great reason to get expensive shoes is that they can be custom made.

Nothing says “unique” like having shoes that no one else has. A person can go to Nike ID to get sneakers done in any color and funky print. Because of timed delivery, anyone can also make these hot $800 shoes special for a loved one.

Saving up for custom made shoes will cost but it will be worth every dollar bill because it will highlight a person’s cool ideas.

Making Sports History

Every adventure-loving king or queen should get expensive shoes with high-quality because the materials  used are sure to help them face any sports challenge.

The most expensive Air Jordans are purchased at about $600. They are approved by the famous Michael Jordan and athlete wannabes find their sports dreams more possible with the shoes.

air-jordan-3-88-retro-white-cementPhoto source: www.nicekicks.com

More expensive shoes have been proven to help sportsmen run the longest races or climb the toughest mountains.

Creating Style for Kids

Children shoe costs, which will keep kids happy and safe on their own adventures, may be within a $400 to $1000 expense. Naturino produced laced up baby boots in black and pink colors to keep babies “in” even on rainy days while Armani can surprise parents with their modern shoes for kids at only $200.

Costly shoes will make children build a status in school, endure playground time, and make them develop their own personalities with fashion.

Keeping Up with Celebrities

An individual can be comfy in shoes inspired by the stars.

Former Gossip Girl actress, Leighton Meester sizzled up a premeire in Pierre Hardy wedge shoes. These shoes added a fabulous color to her dress that made her one the noted celebrity of the night. Hardy shoes cost around $700 but would be heaven to any woman’s soles and make her feel famous.

There are a handful of male celebrities who choose to wear Chanel which cost around $800. These shoes are good investments because they attract women on dates or do swell to gain popularity in the working area.

Living Life to the Fullest

Clothing is one of man’s basic need. Everybody should be able to get his needs that are worth a month’s worth of saving. Treating yourself is not a crime. It can serve as self-motivation to get up early and get more work done. It would be the deserved gift that would also come handy for all occasions.

Italians would say “Vivi al Massimo” or living life to the fullest is worthwhile. This includes opening narrow perspectives with a budget on shoes.

Buying expensive shoes may assure you of purchasing the best shoes for standing all day in or out. They are worth the investment because they will maintain a smile on your face. Smiles for quality shoes, no matter the cost, are priceless.

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