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Most often than not, celebrities are known to have expensive tastes in shoes. Some purchase the best shoes for standing all day because of the kind of job that they do. Others buy their footwear simply because they have the money, thus they can afford it. Also, some openly admit about their fetish while others prefer to secretly hide their addiction. Whatever their reasons are for owning a massive collection of shoes, may it be the need to find the best shoes for standing all day or the want to own one from famous designers, shoe fanatics will always have a soft spot for shoes.

Following are the top 10 shoe fanatics in the world:


–  is an American novelist who sold more than 800 copies of her books worldwide. With all the bestsellers she published, she is no doubt the bestselling author of all time.

Known as a shoe fanatic, she is obsessed with rel= “nofollow” Christian Louboutin designer shoes. As a matter of fact, the American novelist owns more than 6,000 pairs of his merchandise and still frequently flies from the US to France to personally check his newest collection.


– This American singer, actress, model, director and producer captured the hearts of many. Her records sold out, movies became blockbuster, concerts were jam packed and endorsements came left and right.

She doesn’t drop an eyelash when she talks about her madness for shoes. She does not mind spending $1200 on a pair as long as she is really into it. Her massive shoe collection includes over 5,000 pairs from well-known designers worldwide.


-is the French-Canadian singer who reached the pinnacle of her career in the 1990s but has remained to be one of the most talented and best singers of all times.

She is very vocal about her passion for footwear. She admits making a special space for her over 3,000 pairs from different designers in her home. She even calls her love for shoes an “obsession”.


-is the American socialite and heiress to the Hilton fortune. She had several stints in the movie world and had a few songs released which topped the charts. She even at one time published a book which also became a bestseller.

With her wealth and expensive taste, it is not surprising why she has more than 2,000 pairs of shoes from her preferred designers. An admirer even gave her a pair of footwear in 14k gold studded with diamonds.


– is an American professional poker player. She has been playing professionally since 2004 and has appeared in several television shows which made her more famous in her own right.

Being a shoe fanatic, she owns more than 1,200 pairs of expensive shoes from famous designers. However, about 700 pairs are from her favorite brand, Christian Louboutin. Her constant trips to her poker games will give you a glimpse of her most favored heels.


– is the widow of the late Philippine President, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Her role as First Lady for 21 years ended in 1986 when her husband was evicted from office by a People Power Revolution.

In their haste to flee the country, Imelda left behind her worldly possessions, including 1060 pairs of shoes. This impressive collection caused uproar as it shed some light to the lavish spending of the former First Lady. As a result, the then new president Corazon Aquino had Imelda’s shoes displayed in Malacañang Palace to remind the Filipinos where their taxes actually went.


– She was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until she succumbed to death due to cancer in 1952. She championed causes for equality among men and women in different social and economic statuses which made her loved by so many,

Her love for Salvatore Ferragamo shoes was unparalleled. She had all her footwear custom made with expensive mink fur. As to how many pairs she has in her possession, no one knows but it is said that hers can equal that of Imelda Marcos’s.


– is the famous American singer known for her five-octave vocal range and her capacity to reach notes even beyond the seventh octave. She was named “songbird supreme” by the Guinness World Records, not to mention the many other awards and titles given to her because of her singing prowess.

Mariah is not only a renowned singer but a famous shoe fanatic, as well. She has in her possession over a thousand pairs of shoes, from stilettos, to wedges and boots. She also confessed of having a closet specially made for her massive shoe collection made in gold and wood.


-is the “Princess of Pop” and the “Pop Icon” of today’s generation. She was named by Time one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2013. Aside from being active in the entertainment scene, she is very much involved in charitable works. In fact, she serves as the UN ambassador the World Food Program.

Her passion for shoes is undeniable. She says she has more than 750 pairs of them stacked in the closet in her mansion in LA. Her collection includes designer brands like Louboutin, McQueen, and YSL among others.


– The “brains” of a Ponzi scheme which was the biggest financial fraud in the history of the United States. He was sentenced to 150 years in jail.

It is believed that the money he got from the illegitimate investment operation was used to fund for his lavish spending. When Madoff’s property was seized, 250 pairs of designer leather loafers were in his possession. Several pairs were not even worn yet.

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