Tips and Tricks for People who Work on Their Feet

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Sure enough, the ultimate functions of your feet are, well, standing, walking, and the like. These tasks may seem simple and easy, but they can badly strain your poor little feet. If your feet can talk, the pair would probably complain every time you use it too much. As much as you have to take everything easy, your feet need a break as well.

Most jobs require much foot work. Professionals like Nurses, Flight Attendants, Sales Clerks, and even Restaurant workers are only few of the many people who are most at stake when it comes to injuring the feet, as they spend hours a day standing and walking at work. Even those people who are fond of having a regular run, jog or walk for exercise tend to give their feet some strenuous pound each time.

Regardless of how much you take good care of your feet to make it look, feel, and smell good, if you work on your feet, you’d still tend to put lots of stress on them. Finding the best shoes for standing all day is ideal, but it’s not going to be enough in preventing foot pain in the work force. A great deal of foot care routines must be taken into great consideration. Lucky you! Because this article will give you some useful tips and tricks in helping you ward off or, at least, reduce those foot pain and injuries, giving you less pain and more comfort as you work.


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  1. Wear the right shoes

If you have a kind of work that requires you to stand almost every minute of every day, you certainly need to find the best shoes for standing all day. Avoid wearing shoes that are too small since the circulation of blood to your feet might cut off, resulting to swelling and blisters. It can also add to the pain that only gets worse and worse, making walking and standing uncomfortable and sometimes, even unbearable.

In contrast to what people usually say, shoes with high heels can greatly be beneficial. In fact, many experts recommend this kind of shoes for prolonged standing. As stated by the Occupational Health Clinic, the ideal height of the heel is at least 1/4 inch. Shoes with a little elevation and a good arch support are more ideal than those flat ones.

  1. Find the best sock choice

Most of us really don’t pay much attention to the kinds of socks we use, which is somehow crazy as we spend a lot of cash in purchasing high-quality shoes. Socks also have their role in protecting our feet. Socks can, at least, protect our ankles and some other parts of our feet from chafing against our shoes. Thicker socks are the most ideal choice.

  1. Rotate the use of shoes

Wearing at least two different pairs of shoes every other day can reduce the stress on your feet. This is effective because it changes the pressure points of your feet, relieving the overused areas and muscle groups. This is the trick your feet will thank you for.

  1. Reduce on-your-feet time

This might sound a little risky for your work, but you might want to do this for the sake of your poor little tired feet. At least do an alternate standing and sitting if possible. If sitting seems to be a bad option, walking can help. It increases the blood flow of your legs. For super-prolonged standing, shift the balance from one leg to the other. It rests one leg while the other one supports the body.

  1. Do some foot care routines at home

Other superstitious people say washing your feet after a long, tiring day can cause risks to your feet, but it turns out taking a quick feet bath can actually be a good routine every night. As you wash your feet, you get rid of the dirt, sweat and even odor gathered all throughout the day. After washing, dry your feet with towel and apply foot moisturizer. For a complete routine, try to sleep with a pair of socks on.

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