How do shoes work to help you stand all day


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Shoes have become a staple accessory designed to complete any outfit. Everyone needs to wear them whether it’s a child, man or woman. When we pick out shoes, we lean towards the aesthetics, its cost and the main function of why we are buying it. For example, if we belong to a work that deals with construction on a daily basis, then it would be a good idea to pick out shoes that are made of durable leather so that it will last for a long time. The best shoes for standing all day in this kind of work would be ones that have a tough exterior yet are comfortable to wear the entire day. Using steel-toed shoes or boots are a bonus for added protection especially in the field of construction.

Why did man invent the shoe? What was its main purpose? As you see, the functions of the basic shoe consist of 3 main elements: protection, stability and shock absorption. The main reason why we wear shoes is because they were designed to protect our precious feet from the harmful elements of man and nature. Can you imagine going to work and walking barefoot the entire day? Aside from them getting dirty, our feet are likely to be the receiving end of pain, cuts and bruises from all of the things that we step on. Our feet require such protection otherwise it will hinder us from completing necessary tasks within the day.

The shoes that we wear on our feet should be able to provide stability. This means that the design of the shoes should be built that aid the support of our entire body. When we wear the wrong shoes, this can directly affect our feet causing pain in certain areas like the legs. If this is the case, seeing a podiatrist will do the trick by narrowing down to the source of the problem. Some people are required to wear orthotics to help lessen the issues that concern the structure of their feet. An individual’s case is different from another and this is why seeing a specialist will really help who will go over your case.

On a regular basis, it is our feet that receive the most shock absorption compared to other body parts. If you think about it, our feet are responsible for shouldering the entire body weight. Sometimes, we underestimate its purpose to us in this manner. Each time you take a step, it does some kind of impact to our feet. The good thing is that the best shoes for standing all day are the ones that have cushion so that they minimize the impact. This is exactly why athletes are prone to overuse injuries and should wear proper shoes depending on the chosen sport. Wearing other types of shoes is an invitation to an accident waiting to happen (most of the time, they do include body parts).

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When picking out best shoes for standing all day, make sure they are a snug fit, have good support and most importantly, are comfortable to wear on a long term basis. Otherwise, you will find yourself in great discomfort and that can never be a good thing. If they’re not in the right size, you might as well look for another alternative. By investing in the right kind of shoes, you are investing in your physical health as well. As you get older, you are more prone to body aches especially back pains. By simply wearing the right kind of shoes, it can actually minimize those aches. It also helps if you keep your feet well rested especially at night so that it can reenergize for all the activities to be carried out the following day. Getting a foot massage from time to time will soothe muscles and veins alike. Don’t be afraid to pamper your feet once in a while because they deserve it.

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