When is the right time to change shoes?

 Do you have the best shoes for standing all day? Are you convinced that you have excellent pairs of shoes? When was the last time you had made an appointment to the repair shop? If you are boggled by these questions, you probably don’t know your shoes well enough.   Knowing your shoes is an important thing if you want to preserve it for a long time. It is not enough that you are just a shoe fiend, you also need to dig deeper to be able to experience having the best shoe quality.  Shoe lovers can be anyone. There are millions of people who value shoes, but are these people fully equipped with the right knowledge when it comes to knowing the state of their shoes? Shoes get worn out too; carrying a person’s weight and acting out as the best shoes for standing all day is never an easy task for a weary pair of shoes. It may be an unfortunate thing if your shoes get broken, but it’s inevitable. There are really certain cases which strongly signal a timely shoes shifting.


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Here are guidelines that you can follow to determine if you need to change your shoes now:

  • See if there is still cushioning left

If your shoes originally contain cushioning, it is important that you check on the cushioning located on the midsole of the shoes. You can do this test by pressing the cushioning with your thumb. If you think your pressing only gives off a minimal push, that means only little or no cushioning is left.

  • How do your shoes look like?

Don’t get deceived by its dirtiness. Dirtiness is a good sign that you are using it. By checking, it means you need to check out obvious wear and tear evidences. Have a good look at it. Can you see if there are ripped parts? Destroyed outer linings? Are there any loose threads? If you can see a lot of damage, that’s the best time to go out and buy a new pair. Damages are a sure sign that you are overly using a pair of shoes.

  • Are they still comfortable to wear?

Pay attention to the feeling you get when you wear them. If you are sure that it’s not that comfortable to wear anymore, it is time to change those worn out shoes. To know if it’s not comfortable anymore, you can focus on the cushioning of the shoes. Also, if you acquire pain during or after wearing the shoes, that can be a sign that you should start changing your shoe wardrobe.

  • Reached limit

Shoes have their lifespan too. Mostly likely, a pair can last for months only, but this all depends on how you use them and how often you trot them around the streets. You will know if it reaches the limit if you can already see external signs on it.



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How do you take care of your shoes?

Anyone would certainly want to preserve their prized shoes. To do that, you can actually follow these steps:

  • Alternate your shoes

Don’t wear a single pair of shoes for everything that you do. Shoes need their day off too. You can start by choosing two to three pairs to use and alternate. Therefore, during your walks or runs, you will not only put all the weight on one pair.

  • Handle it carefully

Shoes are already battered enough. Thus, when you are removing them, make sure that you are not kicking or throwing them like you don’t care.

  • Air them out

It is not advisable to keep your shoes in places without free or open air. Don’t forget to take them out in your duffel bags. Being exposed outside the open helps the shoes from being soaked with sweat, water, and the like.

  • Be careful when you wash them

Washing your shoes can damage it, but if you keep an eye on how it is done, you can preserve it better. Settle on air drying them to increase its longevity.

Shoes are not made to last a lifetime, they have their lifespan too. To prevent shoes from dying out quickly, you can follow the given guidelines above and enjoy a lasting shoe experience.

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