How to Measure your Shoe Size

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Finding the right shoes that would best fit your feet can be very easy and convenient most especially if you know what the basics are. Considering that each of us has different work to accomplish daily, it is always necessary to look for the best shoes for standing all day when your work requires you to stand for a longer time. If you have the motivation to make the most out of your work, you are probably searching for high quality shoes that would help you become even more comfortable all throughout of your work.

Most people probably share the same story when it comes to frustrating experiences of ordering shoes from different stores, only when they found out that the shoes they ordered don’t fit comfortably at all. Considering that not all shoe companies are uniformly created, you cannot guarantee that they offer same standards when it comes to shoes sizing. If you want to have the best shoes for standing all day, you should know first your shoe size to get what you are aiming for. Now, how will you do that?

Here are some ways on how to measure your shoe size:

Get the following materials

  • Two pieces of clean sheets of paper that are larger than your own feet
  • Socks
  • Chair
  • A marker or a pencil
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Tape

Step 1

You should sit down on a chair, and then place the clean sheets of paper right on the floor.

Step 2

Place your one foot on the sheet of paper letting it rest in a natural way.

Step 3

Hold your marker or pencil and closely trace around each foot and make sure to avoid angling your marker or pencil neither in nor out. You should not draw each of your toe’s outlines, and bear in mind that the longest toe that you have should be your top most concern.
Step 4

Through the help of your tape measure or ruler, you need to take the actual measurement– the distance coming from the heel’s bottom to the longest toe’s top. The next thing to do is subtract 0.20 to 0.25 inches which is more likely about 0.50 cm. You should record whatever the result is in centimetres and inches.

Step 5

The next step would require you to measure the distance from the ball of your foot at the widest point coming from the left down to the right. Repeat the process of subtracting 0.50 centimetres 0.20 to 0.25 inches from the figure to account to the pencil’s width, and then record the final result of measurement in both centimetres and inches.

Step 6

The last thing that you should do is flip the clean sheet of paper over and then repeat the steps with the other side of your own foot.


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How to find the right shoe size

In order to know the right shoe size that would best fit on your feet depending on the measurement, you should know first the right measurement that primarily corresponds to the entire length of the foot’s tracing.

It is not that easy to know the right shoes for you if you do not know the exact measurement of your feet. Men’s shoe sizes are different from women’s; that is why it is always necessary to become aware of this difference because this is one of the best ways to get the best shoes for standing all day. Shoes come in different sizes, styles, prices, and quality. If you always want to get what would benefit you the most, you should know first what your needs are. By this, you can guarantee to get exactly what you pay for.

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