How to Maintain Your Shoes for Them to Last

How to Maintain Your Shoes for Them to Last

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Have you tried investing on a fancy pair of shoes which you thought would last a lifetime but after a season or two, they’ve become totally worn out? You may have bought an expensive pair of good quality shoes, but without complete and proper care, even the best and smartest pair of shoes can all begin to look shabby and worn too.

With all the daily wear and tear you put your shoes through, its average lifespan decreases, and it eventually loses its original quality. But with the right care, you can spruce up your shoes and make them last for years. Starting with a good quality pair of shoes and understanding how to use, keep, and clean them will keep them looking great and good for the years to come.  The list below shows tips plus reminders on keeping your shoes last longer. Carefully check the important tips below because you’re probably doing it all wrong!

Give your Shoes a Rest

If they are the best shoes for standing all day – either for work or for an activity, allow them to air out and dry off for at least 24 hours before using it again. Continuous usage of a specific pair of shoes for consecutive days will make it look scruffy, and it will start to lose its shape. Always alternate your shoes as much as possible.

Clean, Polish and Condition your Shoes Regularly

  • Regularly clean your shoes if possible. Clean the insides most importantly to prevent it from getting musty and stinky.

For leather shoes, polish them to maintain their moisture, shine and shape. When your feet sweat, the salt reduces the moisture of the leather which can cause it to bend and tear easily. Always wear socks to prevent sweating in your shoes. Use brush or polish cloth regularly to brush off the dirt and dust from it.

Keep it Dry

  • As soon as you get a new pair of the best shoes for standing all day, spray on a water protector to prevent water or any liquid from penetrating on it. Unpredictable weather is one of the causes for shoe damage – from sunny day to a rainy one. As much as possible, protect your shoes from water. Overflown toilet tank, rain or even other liquids can wet your shoes real bad, and if your shoes are not dried properly, it can cause damage and unnecessary slits to your shoes. If your shoes are damp or wet, never put them right back in their box.


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If you get caught in a downpour, dry your shoes by stuffing them up with crumpled newspaper and dry slowly, if possible away from direct sunlight. This prevents your canvas and/or fabric shoes, leather and rubber shoes, from getting crumpled or creased. Blow drying your leather shoes will leave it shrinking, losing its shape and sag. Avoid using any of it.

Storage Matters

  • Where you keep your shoes matters immensely. Keeping them in the wrong place could cause it to scratch, fade, and shrink. An area that is too hot can shrink the leather. Storing them in direct sunlight can cause fading and major discoloration.

Protect the Soles

  • Protect your own best shoes for standing all day by adding thin rubberised layer on the area of the sole. The sole of the shoe is very important and should therefore be taken care of. You can either have shoe cobbler or any preventive layer of rubber coating to keep the water from soaking through the shoes. Putting on metal toe taps on your leather shoes would help as well.


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