How to Pick the Right Shoes for Any Color Suit

For people today, everything matters. People judge and form opinions about your personal character by your appearance when you present yourself to them; because in the world today, everybody has little time to get to know a person. So whether you are a young new intern at a big firm or a man in the middle of a mid-life crisis, you will want to give your co-workers a great first impression when you first walk through the door. Most companies have a strict dress code, which is quite simple actually. You will be required to wear a suit or similar formal wear. The key to pulling off a good first impression on the first day at work is to wear the correct shoes to pair with your suit. By this, it means not only should your shoes be the best shoes for standing all day, but they should also have to be in the correct style and color to match your suit. Yes, that is right, you can’t just pick any type of shoes and wear them with your outfit. Different suits require the correct shoes; there are  general guidelines to be followed.

Black suits

Having a black suit may not be the best idea as a first-day-at-work suit as black suits are often associated with death and funerals. The last thing you need when you walk in to work on your first day is your co-workers to start asking who died. However, if you choose to wear a black suit in the near future, then you must know that the only color shoes that will work with your suit are black. Any other color will be seen as far too casual, as you can probably see in the picture below.

black suit wth white
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So as a general rule: Black suit, Black shoes.


Colorwise, charcoal suits are extremely close to black suits, so the general rule will still apply to charcoal-colored suits. However, choosing to wear a deep burgundy colored shoe will help show that you are relaxed and have an elegant touch to your persona.  As your suit color gets lighter, you can start wearing dark to light brown shoes.


While wearing gray suits, it is a good idea to stick to black and brown shoes. If you decide to wear a white dress shirt and tie, it would be best to wear a classic black shoe, from which you can choose if you want to wear loafers or lace ups.

Navy and Blue

It is a great idea to wear navy and blue suits in the summer time, the light color will bring a sense of “freshness” within the office and your suit will have a calming effect on those around you. To help complete the effect it is a good idea to wear tan monk-strap, oxblood brogues, and black braided loafers. All of these shoes are some of the best shoes for standing all day in and will allow you to work in comfort.

Champagne and other white or beige colored suits

Soft beige suits are great for summer weddings and the occasional formal party. White is the color of clarity and purity. Wear white, tan, brown, and navy-colored shoes to help complement and complete your outfit.


Khaki colored suits are great for summertime and are the exception to light colored suits. The general rule is with light colored suits wear light colored shoes. However, this rule doesn’t apply to khaki suits. You can wear pretty much any color shoe except for black, which will draw attention to your feet and that is not a good thing. To make your khaki suit stand out wear navy, brown, tan, and burgundy colored shoes.khaki suit and shoesPhoto source:

Light Gray

To make your gray suit stand out, wear tan, black and or brown shoes. The key to making your light gray suit work is versatility. If you have the shoes, then use them. Let everybody know that you have style and just because you are a businessman, it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to dress.

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