5 Reasons We Don’t Wear Shoes in Our Home

For a great population of women, shoes may be the cherry-topper to a cake of an outfit. For men, it completes the whole regal look of a suit. Though we wear shoes most of the time during the day, here are five reasons why it’s better for you to ditch the shoes the moment you enter the house.New PicturePhoto source: http://wallsroyal.com

  1. Your shoes have been everywhere else. Shoes are the first things which literally step on the outside world the moment you get out of the house, and unfortunately, the outside world can be unhygienic. What looks like a clean floor could have been where someone vomited five minutes ago. Your shoes could be accumulating all sorts of harmful microorganisms and dirt. You don’t want to be bringing all those with you to home. It’s simple – hygiene is an effective preventive measure against many kinds of diseases. Though your shoes may be the best shoes for standing all day, it’s better to toss them off and leave all unwanted microbes out of the house.
  1. Keep your house clean. You may not be the only one at home who isn’t aware of all kinds of microbes you bring home with your shoes. You wouldn’t want a crawling baby putting his hand in his mouth after your shoes touched the part of the floor he was just wriggling on. You most certainly wouldn’t want a child to pick up the last piece of chips in his mouth after it fell on the tiles. The five-minute rule seems to be a universally acknowledged though unreliable rule. As the moment a piece of food touches the ground, it comes into contact with all kinds of microbes it could on its surface. Keeping shoes out of the house is not a weird thing to do. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  1. There are many kinds of creatures not just on your shoes, but in them! You may be wearing the best shoes for standing all day, and this can be just what all kinds of bacteria and fungi need to grow in. It could be even made worse when you wear closed shoes with semi-wet feet. You may have just provided them food, water, and shelter. There are many kinds of fungi which grow without the aid of sunlight, and lots of bacteria grow in closed, moist environment. It is much healthier for you to keep your shoes off the moment you enter the home so your feet could have a bit of fresh air, too.
  1. It helps set the mood for rest when you arrive home after a long day at work. Let’s be honest – the first thing you want to do when you arrive home is unbuckle everything constricting you, and throwing your shoes off is one of those. Though your dress isn’t complete without your favorite heels and you may love walking around the house in front of every mirror with them, or your suit just doesn’t go well with bedroom slippers, it helps with relaxing the moment you let go of all binding pieces of clothing, shoes included. After all, you don’t sleep and relax with your shoes on… unless you’ve got something to run to the moment you wake up.

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  1. Walking barefoot actually has health benefits. Provided that the floor you’re walking on is clean, walking barefoot at home can be helpful. According to scientific research, it helps stimulate healthy bodily functions, such as getting rid of stress, improving heart rate, and helping the immune system. It is also connected with decreasing chances of having heart disease and improving balance, posture, and strength. Some people even employ what is called ‘earthing’: walking barefoot in nature. Though you aren’t required to do so, trying it at home may be a good start and may help you more than you think it would.

Setting your feet free at home may be more helpful and healthier than keeping them shut in your shoes. You wouldn’t want to bring in all the bad microbes in, you wouldn’t want to spread them all over your place, and you certainly would want to maximize health as much as you can. Toss the shoes off when you enter home and you may just notice some changes – for good!

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