5 Best Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Everybody’s closet has a pair of jeans; it’s basic fashion need. However, finding the right shoes to match them may prove to be quite tedious and a lot of people commit a fashion crime by wearing the wrong shoes to go with their jeans.

There are things one should consider before deciding which shoes to wear. First of all, you have to decide where you’re going. What’s your purpose? Are you attending a formal outing or just going out with friends? Once decided, consider you whole look. What are you wearing on top? What is the color of your jeans? Are you wearing any accessories? Finally. and most importantly, consider your comfort. There are many people who only consider the look without taking comfort into consideration. Most of the time, they end up feeling crabby, always trying to fix their outfit, wiggle their toes, touch their feet. You don’t want that to happen.

After considering all those things, we come to the great question: How do you know that your two most loved pieces of fashion is a good match? Well, stay put and find it out here.

1. Look casual with loafers

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If you want to get a comfy, casual look ready for the summer, then you must definitely go with loafers. However, since loafers can get away with almost any look with jeans on, you can also use them in semi-formal occasions. The trick is to choose the right color. If wearing black jeans, it is a mistake to wear brown loafers. The color combination will not work out no matter how hard you try to get away with it.

2. Pull a formal look with dress shoes

If you insist to go on a formal meeting or gathering in jeans, you might just pull off the look with your favorite dress shoes. However, there are several guidelines to follow in order to make the look work. For men, shoes should have an open lacing, which means that the lace should be on the top of the vamp. For women, heels are okay with skinny jeans matched with an appropriate top.

3. Make a fashion statement with boots

You can also go for a seasonal look by wearing boots, which will be perfect with your jeans if chosen wisely. Casual and hiking boots are not included in the list. However, you can match dress boots and Chelsea boots to get that polished fashion statement. Dress boots can be worn with your jeans on summer and autumn; however, Chelsea boots are perfect on cold rainy days as they look best with a sweater, jacket, and jeans. If you try, you’ll see that this can also go well with a suit.

4. Go for the classic sneakers

Jeans with sneakers has been proven to be a classic look. Everybody can wear the best shoes for standing all day with jeans and still look in style. Who doesn’t want to get comfortable with this pair? However, even with this twee-tums, one should follow some guidelines. Running shoes like Air Jordan can go with jeans and shirts that are slouchy. It will make you look super casual. Chuck Taylors are perfect with jeans with almost any top. Nothing can go wrong here.

5. Go out with flats or sandals

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Do you want to just grab a quick sandwich outside or go to a casual party with friends? You might want to consider pairing your jeans with flats or sandals. This will look best with skinny jeans. The important thing to remember is to choose the right color and design of your flats to match the jeans you’re wearing along with your top. If you do it rightly, you might just be able to master the casual quick-getaway look.

Shoes are essential parts of your outfit. They are not only a protection of your feet, they also add up style in your look. From the best shoes for standing all day to high heels, you can pull off any look suggested here as long as they keep you comfortable and happy.

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