20 Weirdest Shoes You Won’t Believe Could Exist

The world is full of wonderful and weird things. Being part of the global community means that we often see some of the wonderful and weird creations that people make, but because of the high population we often don’t get to see these creations. However, below is a list of the weirdest shoes you will probably ever see.

  1. Chicken shoes

No, these shoes are not made from real chickens but are rather heels with a chicken-shaped head on the front of the heel and feathers on the back of the heel.

  1. Banana Split

Ever wanted to place your feet inside of a peeled banana and walk around town in your banana shoes? Well, now you can!

  1. Flipper heels

flipper heelsPhoto Source: www.cosmopolitan.co.za

Has swimming ever been so stylish? This could be a good way for you to spend your day in the pool. However, whether these were intended to help women look fashionable when swimming or they were made just for fun, they would not be the best shoes for standing all day.

  1. The Reverse Heal

Ok, so someone needs to explain this to me. Why would you want to reverse the locations of the heels on high heels? Surely you will fall over if you truly to walk in these.

  1. Toe-less Shoes

These shoes also confuse me, I mean the whole point of wearing shoes is to protect and cover your feet, however, these shoes only cover your heel and your toes are exposed. What is the point of not covering your toes?

  1. The Nude Shoes

Now before everybody gets over excited, no, these are shoes and not the legendary visa-shoes, we are still looking for today. These are shoes with the heels of the shoes carved as a figure of naked women.

  1. The Leggings shoes

So some lazy person had the idea of creating shoes that act as a pair of leggings or is it the other way round, leggings that act as shoes? Anyway, that doesn’t matter, what matters is that these shoes look awesome, but I somehow foresee a problem wearing them when you go to a place your you are requested to leave your shoes outside.

  1. Bread-loaf slippers

You can’t say that this is a waste of bread. If you want to keep your feet nice and warm, all you will need to do is quickly toast your slippers and viola! You can walk around the soft, fluffy slippers.

  1. Boxing glove shoes

So someone had the idea of turning boxing gloves into shoes. They don’t look that bad if you like overlarge clown shoes and I bet these shoes can throw a punch.

  1. Nike Burger shoes

I can relate to the general thought process with this one. Why not combine two things that people love and both of these items are highly popular? Well the answer is simple. You get this.

nike_shoe_burgersPhoto Source: www.smashinglists.com

  1. The Wire shoes

Yip, you guessed it. These are shoes made from wire and nothing else.

  1. The Mop

Cleanup on isle 12, anybody?

  1. The 2-Heeled Shoes

Wearing these will make you look like you want to be a goat, the double heel does nothing except give extra support.

  1. Shoe on a Shoe

I wonder what went through the minds of the people who made these shoes. “Guys, guys…you have to listen…What if we put another shoe on top of another and the sold it?”

  1. The Cork shoe

This is the product of far too many bottles of wine and free time on a person’s hands.

  1. Shoes made out of animals

I’m going to say it. It is creepy that you would want to wear shoes made from a dead animal that are in the shape of the said dead animal.

  1. The Human feet shoes

Well, we now know how the Hobbits in Lord of The Rings managed to make it to Mordor. These shoes shaped like human feet is enough to give you something unique to wear.

  1. Vibram five fingers

The Vibram five fingers are quite popular shoes for natural runners and are some of the best shoes for standing all day.

  1. The Iron Lady Shoes

Just like the name of these shoes, they look like torture devices.

  1. Spaghetti and meatballs

People must really love food that they would want make shoes out of food!

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