10 Best Shoes To Match Your Little Black Dresses

Having a couple of little black dresses stored in the back of your wardrobe can become a life saver for those wardrobe emergencies or last minute plans. Whether you just got back from work and need to jet out for a quick dinner with friends or you need to spend the day shopping and you need the something to pair with the best shoes for standing all day. Of course, having the correct shoes for your little black dress is an essential. Here is a list of the top 10 best shoes to help you create the best LBD outfit of every occasion.

  1. Single Colored Pumps

Want to stand out? If so, go grab a pair of those bold single-colored pumps you have hidden away. The boldness of the single color will be a definite head turner. It will also make your LBD pop and bring a flare to your look. Add a matching clutch for an added and complete look.

single-color-pumpsPhoto source:  www.pinterest.com

  1. Black Sky High Heels

If it is taller than 4 inches than it is a classic. So why not grab a sexy pair of Jimmy Choo’s and  make your little black dress stand out. If black stilettos are not your thing, then you can always get white or silver stilettos. If you don’t have the cash for big brands, then don’t worry as you can buy your stilettos from your local market and a fraction of the price.

  1. Strappy Sandals

If you have a trendy little black dress, you can pair it with another trendy strappy sandals to show off those perfect pedicures. You can choose to match your sandals with your dress or you can go for contrast. However, keep your dress design in mind. Strappy sandals won’t look good with a lacy little black dress as they complement a casual LBD.

  1. Something Shiny and Glittery

Add some sparkle to your little black dress by wearing those encrusted heels. To complete the perfect evening party dress, add jewelry that matches your gold, silver or even bronze colored heels.

  1. Something Funky

If you are more in tune with your funky side, why not add a pair of your favorite funky heels or wedges and turn a dull boring LBD into something unique and memorable? The great thing about your funky shoes is that they are formal enough to wear to formal events as well, so you don’t have to worry about having to lose some of your style.

  1. Modest Flats

You don’t have to wear heels or shoes that hurt over a long period of time with your little black dress. A pair of modest and simple flats are often the best shoes for standing all day in and will allow you to look just as sexy in your little black dress as you would in high heels. So if you have a long day ahead or an all-night party, a pair of modest flats will do the job.

modest flatsPhoto Source: www.pinterest.com

  1. Glossy Patent

Add a little glam to you little black dress by wearing a pair of glossy patent heels. They have the effect of single colored pumps, but are less “in-your-face” and add a touch of class, while still turning heads.

  1. High Boots

No matter what you are wearing, you can never go wrong with a pair of boots. If you are going towards a stylish and chic look, add a pair of high boots to your little black dress and see how stylish you will look.

  1. Add some Metallic Sheen

If you like the patent gloss heels and you are a “sparkles” girl, then don’t worry about finding a middle ground. Get a pair of glossy and metallic sheen heels to perfect your silken little black dress. Add jewelry to match your shoes and a matching purse, the results…stunning!

  1. Lastly, Send a Statement With Your Own Choice

Go out there and cause waves with your own chosen pair of shoes. Allow them to send a statement saying you don’t care as long as you are comfortable with who you are and you look great in your little black dress. Anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously a fool. Become the unique person you always wanted to be.

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